Sabrina Scott is a London-based Art Director and Graphic Designer, working across branding and identity to creative direction for editorial and advertising projects.

Since going freelance she’s worked with studios including Ferdinando Verderi, Jaime Perlman, Wasted Talent, Sarah-Jayne Todd, Frosty, Twin and Wednesday on commercial, editorial and publishing projects for Prada, Spike Jonze, HommeGirls, Versace, Diesel, Kate Moss Agency, Roland Mouret, and self-portrait to name a few.

As well as her commercial projects she was Art Director at Twin Magazine from 2020-2021 and is currently Art Director at London-based music magazine Beat.

For more information or to request a portfolio, please email, or contact via Instagram.


Visual identity, collateral and photography for Pierced, a body modification brand and concept store based in Toronto. Pierced is a luxurious and aspirational destination that melds functionality with aesthetics. The brand wanted to disrupt the piercing industry with a visual identity that felt high-end yet nonintimidating, aspirational yet accessible and soft but still structural.

Studio: Kastor & Pollux
Creative Director: Dani Roche
Design: Sabrina Scott + Dani Roche
Photography: Sabrina Scott
Interiors: Dani Roche

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