Concept development and email design for the launch of the adidas NMD on The adidas NMD needs little introduction. The shoe was inspired by travel and a nomadic lifestyle, and communicates the message: your future is yours to create. My idea for the emailer was to mimic the NMD’s message. The design, inspired by the visual cues of maps, allowed the user to choose their own path. Each path led them to a unique colourway, which directed them to shop the shoe on

Concept and email design for Superbalist's biggest clearance sale of 2016. The concept centred around the idea that one of the first things customers do when they see a crazy sale is text a friend. The campaign's text message aesthetic allowed for many messages to be communicated easily and important information to be conveyed in a playful way.

Women and men focused emails designed for the launch of selected Nike sneakers on

Promotion mail designed specifically for first-time Superbalist buyers.

Email designed for the exclusive New Look launch on