"There’s nothing that inspires me more than a young, successful woman, mostly because of my desire to become one myself. I want to create what I love for a living and be the master of my own destiny. However, these dreams often feel out of reach – especially when role models are thousands of miles away, and exist (for the most part) as handles on Instagram..."
- Why I Support Local Creatives for Kastor & Pollux, 2016

"After a while, I began associating these colours with early mornings and long days at my desk, and as a result I shied away from them on the weekends. This process made me consider the effect our clothes have on us. Different outfits create different thoughts and mental processes. Clothes have the ability to change moods, alter your confidence, and determine the course our day will take. In a way, what we wear defines us and I had unintentionally restricted my freedom of expression. I sometimes feel like I’ve lost my sense of individuality and I’m bored of the two-toned woman I’ve become..."
- How I Overcame My Fear of Wearing Colour for Kastor & Pollux, 2016

"I’m turning 24, and I still wonder when I’ll learn how to apply eyeliner. Growing up, I’ve always been OK with my face sans make-up. I’m lucky enough to have never struggled with bad skin and it’s not something my mom ever pushed on me. But that’s not to say that I haven’t felt pressure at least a dozen times, to forgo the natural me for a layer of product..."
- Bare-faced Beauty for Kastor & Pollux, 2016